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Subject: Confirming mirroring operation
Author: Colin
Date: 10/30/2012 10:02
I have a few questions.

If my wireless internet connection drops out during the mirroring operation,
will the mirroring operation end (unfinished), or will it wait until the
internet connection returns and continue from where it was, or will it
continue working throughout the period when there is no internet connection,
failing to mirror the pages/files that are requested during that time?Will
anything be recorded in the log about this?
How can I confirm that a mirroring operation completed fully? Could I re-run
the mirroring operation using the "Continue an interrupted mirror" option (in
the expectation that HTTrack will re-scan the website and fetch any missing
files)? Or should I use the "Update existing download" option? (My concern
here is, in the case of a web server not set up correctly for updates, I will
be re-mirroring the entire website.)

Thanks for your insight.

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Confirming mirroring operation

10/30/2012 10:02
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