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Subject: Error viewing history.txt in installer
Author: Iain Elder
Date: 11/04/2012 00:52
---- Issue

The WinHTTrack installer fails to display history.txt on Windows Server 2012.

---- Description

The installer displays an error instead of displaying history.txt.

The error message looks like this:

Unable to execute file:

CreateProcess failed; code 2
The system cannot find the file specified.

The installer exits without displaying the file.

Otherwise, the installation completes succesfully.

---- Expected behavior.

The installer displays history.txt in a text file viewer.

---- Steps to reproduce

1. Run httrack_x64-3.46.1 as Administrator.

2. Install the application using default settings.

3. On the completion screen, check the box labelled 'View history.txt'.

4. Click Finish.

---- Workaround

View the history.txt file manually by navigating to the installation directory
and opening the history.txt file using the default text file viewer.

On my computer, I can find history.txt at C:\Program

---- Screenshots

Completing the Setup Wizard

Error viewing history.txt

---- Notes

On Windows Server 2012 the default location of Notepad is

Windows Server 2012 has the same internal version (6.2) as Windows 8, so this
probably affects Windows 8 as well.

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