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Subject: Re: filename [REPOST]
Author: Hsa
Date: 08/10/2002 20:01
> > How can I set httrack to download files with full name,
> > query and extensions? Currently my httrack hash the
> query,
> > I don't know how to disable that?> 
> You can't include the query string into the local saved
> file, mainly because specific characters like ? or & can
> not be used as filesystem character (the same goes for 
> other characters commonly encounetered in query string and
> parameters)

How does it determine the filename to use when it 
encounters a query string?  The pages I mirrored have 4 
extra letters replacing everything after the "?".  And what 
changes would need to occur for the page to get different 
letters?  I'm worried that these dynamic pages would be 
redownloaded the next time I update the mirror even though 
there's no changes in the page itself.
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