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Subject: How to download forum attachments
Author: Harlan Greene
Date: 11/07/2012 19:20

I am a member of a forum running on SMF (Simple Machines Forum)software
v1.1.16. I am a heavy contributor to the forum, and would like to archive my
own photos, which are attached separately to my posts. Attached photos are
viewable only by logged-in members; guests see only the text of posts or
inline html tags to posts stored elsewhere...but not the attached photos. 

I want to archive my attached photos with httrack, but so far I have been
unable to. Everything else comes through fine, and the forum structure is
intact...only the attachments are skipped. I have tried various options with
no luck to date, and a careful search of this forum's support topics has
revealed no answers. 

Please, can someone offer a suggestion for getting these attachments in
httrack? While I have the originals, most of the posted photos are
collages/composites that would be very time-consuming to recreate. Thanks in
advance for any help you can offer.

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