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Subject: Re: Parallel downloads question
Author: Sorin
Date: 11/12/2012 07:52

I believe I did not make myself understood. Anyway:

1. httrack <> -O temp/I --sockets=20
--disable-security-limits -%c200 --max-rate=90000000
2. Not the case. I get all the files I need
3. It always spends more time displaying this (41987 bytes) - OK  then it start
downloading more files
4. Not the case.

The best way to see the behavior is if you have your own webserver and look
into the web logs (that's how I spotted the issue). Unfortunately the site I
used this for is private, and I am not allowed to post anything. It contained
few larger files (docs and pdfs), and httrack was speding time downloading
just those files, and nothing else. Once those were done, it started to
request more files, using more threads.
I am quite sure about this behavior. However, I cannot provide more logs or
anything else, but I believe I described the problem good enough so you can
replicate. If you cannot help, considering the information I posted, that's
fine, I can survive.

Thank you again!

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