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Subject: Re: HTTrack: copy a specific image
Author: WHRoeder
Date: 11/12/2012 15:42
1) Always post the ACTUAL command line used (or log file line two) so we know
what the site is, what ALL your settings are, etc.
2) Always post the URLs you're not getting and from what URL.
3) Always post anything USEFUL from the log file.
4) If you want everything use the near flag (get non-html files related) not

> I did this:
> +*.png
> +*/**[9810_]*
You did nothing. The default is to get all everything.
You say get everything plus these. which is everything.

> With these rules, TTrack copy the entire "graphes"
> folder....
> not only image as 9810_*****
1) Don't use filters like that. 
2) [9810_]* means any combination of those 5 characters, e.g. 1_088899
matches. If you meant anything STARTing with 9810_ you'd need */9810_*
3) */* means anything to the right of a slash (the extra * is useless)
4) You can put the url of the image in the url box and it will get only that.
You can not ONLY get images without having the url as you must let it spider
the site to get them. Use nothing but html and files atarting with 9810_: -*
+*.html +*/9810_*
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