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Subject: Should I 'continue' or 'update'?
Author: Lavin
Date: 11/16/2012 12:08
The log file got too big (much bigger than the website being downloaded, for
now), could not be opened and I had to delete it in order to free up my HD
space. Windows 7 won't let me do so if the file is still in use, so I had to
close HTTrack. 

(Before that, I right clicked the log file; 'properties'; 'advance' and
selected compress. The log file being 22G, probably took time to compress and
so it appeared as if Windows explorer is jammed up.)

I decided not to wait and this was what I did ; I paused HTTrack half way
through mirroring and then shut down the PC. Did I do anything wrong?
The next time I start up HTTrack, I should 'continue' instead of 'update' that
project, right? 

P.s: The reason I'm confused is this: By what I've done (pausing and then
shutting down), did part of the cache go missing? If so, will some files be

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Should I 'continue' or 'update'?

11/16/2012 12:08
Re: Should I 'continue' or 'update'?

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