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Subject: Re: wml files
Author: Jofre
Date: 08/12/2002 09:21
No, hopefully it’s not completely dead! 
I’m working with wml pages and I’m looking for a web site 
copier for that. I’ve been using HTTrack for “html” pages 
but I couldn’t find something similar that also worked with 
wml pages. I’ve tried to implement it for my own but for 
sure it’s easier to modify a working tool than to build up 
a new one from the scratch.
For me it would be useful if that feature could be added in 
a new release. (even if that was only a beta solution)
Maybe, a quick and dirty solution, could be to add a panel 
where the user could decide which type of file the HTTrack 
will check for new links to crawl…
Thank you very much
Jofre Palau
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