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Subject: rename download filetype
Author: Peter
Date: 11/19/2012 12:28

I was trying to download a site with several sound downloads.
the file download is getting started opening a php link with parameters (see
below). there is a mp3 preview link and the real .wav downlaod

the mp3 ( is saved correctly as
But the wav files ( are saved as
downloadabc123.php not as .wav!

I searched the forum and tried to change the file type<->mime type in
different combinations
php <-> wav
wav <-> application/

but i never saw a difference. 
Maybe --assume could help (or is it the same if i change the mime type?) but i
could't find the counterpart using the GUI

any ideas?

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rename download filetype

11/19/2012 12:28
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11/19/2012 15:12


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