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Subject: Pages are not formatted
Author: Volker Baumann
Date: 08/12/2002 14:09
After having downloaded pages, they any not formatted like 
the web-page. All information comes in one line after the 
other, and not in the original tables.
One example.
What am I doing wrong??

Launch_Tag Launch_JD Launch_Date LV_Type VariantFlight_ID 
Flight Platform Launch_SiLaunch_Pad Apogee ApAgency 
LauCategory LTCite Cite 1957-R1108-001 2436001.32 1957 Jun 
11 1937 Atlas A - 4A R&D - CC LC14 2? USAF MF Test RM - 


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Pages are not formatted

08/12/2002 14:09
Re: Pages are not formatted

08/13/2002 20:02


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