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Subject: Re: 3.46-1 and CSS failure
Author: Bob Stephen
Date: 11/29/2012 19:12
There have been posts on this that have been pointed out to me ... search on

The problem was noticed in the beta version of 3.46-1. A workaround was later
suggested of putting single or double quotes around the url.

I have checked the quote method out with both single and double quotes and it

The current CSS standard allows noquotes, singlequotes or doublequotes but
further it suggests that we should lean towards noquotes as preferred (unless
its made impossible such as by having spaces in the url name etc). Also, and
this is the real problem, we can only use the quote method if we have control
over the CSSs in the mirrored site. That rules out a lot of mirrors !

Hopefully the next HTTrack version will correct this anomaly. For now we seem
to have the choice of a bit of patching of the 3.46-1 mirrors or going back to
a previous version of HTTrack.

Must say you have developed a great program. Thanks for all the work.
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