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Subject: stalling, timeouts
Author: anonymouse
Date: 12/13/2012 02:40
I searched the forums, and one of the suggestions for timeouts was to set:
timeout=60 retry=9 - I can only select up to 3 retries, it appears.

Also, there's no status to show if I'm working or not.  There are some bytes
at the top, but recently, I've been unable to get that to move at all.

So, I'd like a status so I can see what's happening (or, more accurately, is
not happening) so I know when to kill and retry the software.  I've let it run
a couple of nights, and decided to kill it in the morning, when it's stopped
on the Bs.

Also, having resumed many a project now, there's no way to get back to the
project screen - for example, I once mis-hit a checkbox which said shutdown
the computer when done.  Where can you reset that when you're downloading?

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