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Subject: SOLVED: links not working
Author: Smokey Smith
Date: 12/18/2012 02:14
SOLVED: links not working

A quick post to help with links not downloading during the website copy
process. To discover this method, i read almost every forum topic and tested
the ideas, as you would expect this took days. Thanks to a small forum post in
2004, i finally found the solution - see

My situation: The CMS website is built with Dot Net Nuke CMS in 2007. I am not
sure of the version of the software ( The pages
copied correctly, the images and documents all downloaded fine. The problem
was: the top level main navigation links worked, but the secondary links and
lower links did not. Links created in the side modules did not work. Only some
content text based links worked.

The SOLUTION: the Action settings is most important. Select - "Download all
sites in pages (multiple mirror)" - turn this ON, selecting it from the main
project page drop down.

The site copy / download took longer but it worked very well. During the
software testing phase PDF files were excluded to speed up the settings test

Please see the following options settings: 

•	Action: Download all sites in pages (multiple mirror) - ON. 
•	Proxy: (yes i was using a proxy)
•	Scan Rules - removed them all. NO - Excluded or Included for final copy. 
•	Limits: default settings 
•	Flow Control: default settings
•	Links: Attempt to detect all links - ON, Get non-HTML files related to a
link - ON.
•	Build: default settings
•	Spider: default settings, Parse java files - ON, Update hank - ON, URL
hacks - ON, Follow robots.txt rules - ON.
•	MIME types: default settings (none)
•	Browser ID: default settings 
•	Log, Index, Cache: default settings 
•	Experts Only: default settings 

I hope this helps.

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SOLVED: links not working

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