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Subject: How to identify frames
Author: Juliano
Date: 12/27/2012 14:56
When I mirror pages with frames I can't know which html file is the real page
and which one is the frame.

Download page

Then we will have the following html files:\resultado_lotomania.html\loterias\loterias\lotomania\lotomania_resultado.asp.htm

In this specific case we know the domains change for each frame, but there is
some cases when frames still in the same domain and we can't know which htm
file is the main file.

Is there anything to do in order to identify the main file in this cases?
I'm using the command line below.
"httrack.exe" "url" -O "DestPath" "+*.swf" -g --depth 3 --max-time 60 -v

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12/27/2012 14:56
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