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Subject: Re: .tmp files
Author: paul
Date: 01/07/2013 03:22
Thanks for the reply.

1- If I cancel, does it convert whatever is completed to html or does it have
to go though all the web site before it starts converting the .tmp to .html?
Right now there seems to be hundreds of .tmp files 
and not much html files.

2- Is there a way to tell the software to stop searching for new links and
finalize whatever it detected?  It shows 40/2000...

3- The 'Pause after downloading...' does not seem to work properly. I
originally put 2 MB and I tried changing the value but it seems to be stuck
with whatever I put there originally.  Now I get a pop-up every 5 seconds
asking me 'ok to continue'.  I also tried pausing before changing the value
but it does not help.
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