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Subject: PNG Files only download
Author: ken Young
Date: 01/25/2013 19:10
I'm looking to extract just png files from a site.  These files are located in
a popup after clicking on a product "more info" link.  Once the popup opens,
there is a large jpg image of the product, then there's a button to push "view
on shirt", if you click just the shirt there is a overlay image you could
download, and there is also the image on the shirt if you right click on it,
it will download and this file is a PNG file...  These are the files I wish to
receive.  there are over 7000 of them, so i would like to try and make this
software work for me.

Please visit <>  click on the help
& info located under each item...  This will bring up the popup...  Once the
popup opens click on "View On Shirt"  this will load a overlay of a shirt
along with the product image on the shirt.  this product image is what I'm
looking to download...  

Any help on setting up the program to extract this image would be great full
thank you in advance.

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PNG Files only download

01/25/2013 19:10
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