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Subject: Re: Problems detecting links within asf files
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 08/15/2002 22:06
> AsfRecorder grabs the streaming media and creates a giant 
> 24MB asf file on my hard disk.  The file plays great, but 
> it has links embedded which popup in another explorer 
> window (slides that accompany the video).  These links 
> refer back to the original website using an absolute path.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to change that ; it would 
require to patch the asf file, and httrack can't do that. 

> I'm trying to use HTTrack to scan my asf file, download

You can't

> I see two issues.  1) scanning 
> the asf file and finding the links.  2) updating the asf 
> file to point to the downloaded slides on my local 

That's two problems, similar to the flash problem: the #1 
could be solved, but not the #2. It's quite "easy" to scan 
a binary file and find urls, but quite hard to rebuild the 
file, patching the links on-the-fly..

> Second, when I try to add the local file to my project, 
> D:myasf.asf, I get an error log entry:
> Error: 	'Unable to get server's address' (-5) after 
> retries at link <file://D:/myasf.asf> (from primary/primary)

Wow! A bad bug from the RC5 I suppose - the RC8 should be 

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Problems detecting links within asf files

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Re: Problems detecting links within asf files

08/15/2002 22:06


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