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Subject: Copy HTTRack projects from hard drive to server
Author: Mary
Date: 01/31/2013 17:05
I got the following problem:
After mirroring a few websites, I wanted to copy them from my hard drive to a
shared server of the institute I'm working at. This didn't work out (folder
could not be copied), probably mainly due to the fact that the folder with all
the files  revealed to be write-protected (I hope this is the right
translation ;) ). I tried to change this in the "characteristics" section, but
just after I had changed it, the settings went back to "write-protected". 
I earlier had been able to copy the project from one folder into another (on
my hard drive).

I then tried to mirror the websites anew, this time choosing a folder on the
server as the destination for the project. The outcome was "Unable to create
log file [...], further information, if necessary, provided in the protocol"
(there was no protocol created). 

My operating system is Windows XP, I am working with HTTrack 3.46, so far
without problems. 

Thanks already for your support!

Yours, Mary

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Copy HTTRack projects from hard drive to server

01/31/2013 17:05


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