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Subject: download all pdfs from fdsy US courts
Author: matty
Date: 02/07/2013 18:20
I can't be the first person who wanted to do this. There are loads of Court
opinions and Memorandum rulings for download on the Government printing office
website, and they prettymuch actively encourage webmasters downloading the
opinions and other documents.

I don't have the time to try to learn what specific command to give httrack in
order to download all these pdfs. When I put in the site nhame where the links
are, I got jack squat except copies of the pages, which I can do by hitting
"save webpage as," so that's not helpful.

As I said, somebody else wanted to do this before, I'm sure. How do I get this
done? Note: I am not a programmer or a professional web designer, but I'm not
an idiot, and I have basically self-taught web design the past few months so I
can get a site up. I learn quickly, but a bunch of jargon and terms is not how
I learn. Thanks in advance.

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download all pdfs from fdsy US courts

02/07/2013 18:20
Re: download all pdfs from fdsy US courts

02/07/2013 18:37


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