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Subject: OT but any help appreciated
Author: Jp
Date: 02/11/2013 16:29
Hi all. My question does not relate directly to HTTrack itself and is merely a
progression. I wonder if anyone has experience with the following scenario.

My OP concerned a forum that has an uncertain future. With the help I obtained
here I'm able to backup entire threads exactly as I would like. I've passed
the method on to other forum members who are hopefully doing the same.

If our current forum goes up in smoke, considerations are being taken for a
replacement. We hope to be able to reinstate the larger threads from the
backups we have made. Has anyone had experience with this? Is there a method
or software solution for "importing" entire threads into a forum as opposed to
copy/pasting a thread at a time. I know it is a very general question and
there would be many variables to consider. I'm simply trying to do some
legwork and research now.

Any help or thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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01/27/2013 03:28
OT but any help appreciated

02/11/2013 16:29


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