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Subject: movie files not downloaded
Author: TrywareDk
Date: 02/16/2013 16:16
movies that is uploaded manually using ftp, and later on using my EzGenerator
webeditor to show a picture and a gif file when hovering, and the test.wmv
file to download

But the download is not the url of the <a href>, but in

And I don't get test.wmv among your HTTrack downloads.

You told me text only (no html), but in this case I need to, but I've
truncated the long url to a test minimum.

a href = 

rel = 
website/test.gif |noDesc,width:470,height:357 title="test" 

class="rover mbox">

<img name="name_test" alt="" title="test" src="test.jpg">


J. Malmgren
www dot tryware dot dk

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movie files not downloaded

02/16/2013 16:16
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