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Subject: Re: objects
Author: wanne
Date: 02/19/2013 23:49
1) I asked how to do it. So there is no command line.
2) Sine the site is password protected this won't help you.
3) look at 1.
4) I can used the near flag. But it is HTML what I like to download.
5) A) But I want to download from external pages.
B) This is no problem since I can download the URL manually. 
C) I used normally -n -%P
D) Since it is reproducible this is not the problem.

But if you want an example I created a website. (It will only be available for
a few days)
If I like to download <> the embedded
picture will be downloaded but the embedded HTML-Code won't (since the near
flag download only non-html files).
Here is the command I used:
httrack -n -%P <>
But I want to use the website offline so I like to download all embedded
objects too.
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