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Subject: Re: retransfering all files
Author: Ivan
Date: 02/21/2013 19:28
when i press Cancel at the bottom right corner of the window of working project
- winhttrack skips current file and continues the next. when i start again in
the list box "continue interrupted project"  is chosen. winhttrack starts
downloading files and in the field "downloaded files" - the number changes ,
but in the field "updated files" also changes. this way winhttrack reports
xxxMb downloaded , but the size of the downloaded directory does not increase
- just little bit changes - such as if winhttrack deletes some file and then
downloads it again. in the FAQ there is explanation of such situation, but
when such situation is problem - i can not find solution.
 So is there equivalent of "wget.exe -nc" option in winhttrack? 
best regards
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