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Subject: Re: Following @import CSS links?
Author: Ralf
Date: 02/24/2013 09:22
Please don't be astonished to get a reply to this old thread, but I really
grepped the complete forum and tested the feature: It still does not work for
> My usecase: 
I just copied our typo3 generated site to get a complete snapschot (with
httrack default settings), everything went well, except several (not all) CSS
files are missing.

> Problem Details:
The basic CSS layout file is copied, but the CSS files referenced inside that
file are never retrieved, e.g. 
@import url(navigation/nav_shinybuttons.css);

> Problem Analysis
1) I've found, that this feature has been added in V3.09: '+ New: Style url()
and @import parsed'
(from <>) I currently use v3.46-1.
2) Someone told about 'Bug in @import parsing' (taken from
<>). I'm not
sure, whether this covers my problem too, but I enabled that (under [Set
Options]/Links/get non-html related files) - and it doesn't help. :-/
3) I've found 'Bug: Imports in cascade style sheets' (from 
<>), but that
one should hvae beed fixed too, I think.

> Questions
I can not believe, that this great tool does not cover this (not unusual) use
case after so many years of development. So I think, I did not yet find the
right configuration for it. Can anyone give me the right hint?
Best regards,
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