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Subject: DeviantArt JS
Author: Mark
Date: 02/24/2013 19:04
Hi, I wanted to download all my deviations from DeviantArt. Everything is fine,
images are downloaded. I can browse site offline, but when I click on
deviation page on image, it should open bigger version. And it just starts
loading and nothing more.

After downloading (and updating) there are errors - few JS files missing. And
I can not download them with browser too.

Links on these scripts are always within somekind script loading class
(function) DWait.readyLink().

For example - onclick script for opening (bigger) image has content
"DWait.readyLink('jms/pages/superbrowse/resview/respage_components.js', this,
function () { GMI.up(this,
'ResourcePageDisplayPane').deviationChangeView(1,0,1,1) })"

But on is

Can you help me somehow?
Anyway - big thanks for this awesome application!

PS: I'm sorry for bad English :|

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02/24/2013 19:04
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