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Subject: Re: Unwanted Directory
Author: WHRoeder
Date: 02/27/2013 17:36
> A) Nothing about two urls was unclear. I had already
> started a job with both urls before I got your
> reply. The question is why do I get
> when I specified default is to go down. but is down (according to HTT) Look in your
hts-cache/new.* and you'll find what URL referenced wiki

> B) I started a different thread because it was a
> different unrelated question. If you wish me to put
> all completely unrelated questions under one thread
> please let me know.

Because the context of your question is the same. Same site, same settings,

> HTTrack Website Copier/3.x [XR&CO'2010], %s -->" -%l
> "en, en, *" -O1
> The above command retrieved content from 
> I didn't expect that. How do I
> prevent it?I misread, I thought you said you didn't expect
when that was in your URL list.

Just filter: -**
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