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Subject: Re: downloading a list
Author: WHRoeder
Date: 03/06/2013 15:40
> <>+
> HBP7yVqyK7WfFRsywp/UAs8wYal5wGzFvWivUjHxJJNWl2JY2/Ev
> 50t6dTsBppCzwLg6lyA5/BUcun0DsMAf/QwNbS/Afsf0MHBK6XfP
> jb7cd0qQBhJJ316RkANIjRQbdzthxLWK6Go6QSBi79zxT529cvwf
> Kpat9xhJfXx4I=

That link returns:
The page has encountered a problem on the CPNB web site. The Administrator has
been notified of the error and will seek to rectify any problems.
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