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Subject: Appending somenthing to URL list
Author: SuperSadSmile
Date: 08/16/2002 20:06
I don't know if it is already possible.
What I have to do to put a somenthing appended to all URLs 
of my mirroring site.
(Sorry for my English)
For example if I just want to append somenthing 
like "&print_mode=1" in a site like, 
where I know that appending that I retrive a better version 
(for me, of course) of the pages(in this case in a suitable 
printable version), what I have to do?Can I do something with HTTrack?Or I
have to hope in the future version?Or neither that?
(Sorry for my English 2, It's very bad, I know)


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Appending somenthing to URL list

08/16/2002 20:06
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