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Subject: Bug in WinHTTrack?
Author: Fred
Date: 03/15/2013 13:47
Hi there!

Trying to get the WinHTTrack program working for me in the way I want.

Put very simply, I just want it to spider either a whole website or a branch
off the website tree, and only store files of a specific extension - in this
case, ZIP files.

I've had a good surf around, and it would appear that advice given in other
responses doesn't seem to work for me - either because those answers assume
that the command line is being used, or that I'm using the GUI version.

I was assuming that entering the filters on the scan mode tab would act
identically, but it would appear not to be the case. For example, advice seems
to be often given to use a "-*" filter, but that always seems to block
*anything* getting downloaded. (Unsurprisingly, in my opinion!)

I attempt to use the +*.zip, but whatever filter I use, the program always
wants to download and save *all* extensions - it seems to ignore the filters
in place most of the time. It excludes specific extensions if I individually
specify them, like "-*.txt", but it won't seem to accept any expression to
"exclude everything but this extension"...

Please note that I'm using WinHTTrack, not ordinary HTTrack - and they don't
seem to have the same filter processing.

Email munged to protect the ignorant from mockery! ;o)


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