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Subject: help needed with scrambled pages
Author: Hein Vissere
Date: 03/25/2013 12:13
I have mirrored a part of the dutch site When viewing with
wifi switched offline the pages are "scrambled" and not looking like the
online pages. Text fragments look to be placed on top of eachother. Some text
fragment seen are not present on the online pages. Coulered blocks around
texts are not present, icons in front of a text are gone. Sorry for this bad
description of my problem, if you wish i can send you printscreen jpegs to
make it more clearer, but i could not find a way to attach anything

My question, could you point me to one of the options to avoid my problems?
Can you point me to an other subject on the Forum, which I missed as I can not
very well discribe my problem?I noticed that the mirrorred site uses 3 CSS
files, is that may be the problem and can I do something to repaire this by
editting?Thank you in advance for your help

PS I have mirrored another site without any offline presentation problems. 

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