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Subject: trying to copy an rss feed
Author: turbo84gn
Date: 03/28/2013 23:18
I am new to httrack.  A cursory search on the forum did not find what I was
looking for.

I am trying to copy an rss feed, this one:

Here is the command I am running:
"C:\Program Files\WinHTTrack\httrack"
<> -O
"/tmp/etr" -Y -v

(I left out proxy stuff)  It works and copies it local as an ASPS file, but I
get the rror of unsupported protocol.  THe reason I want to routinely download
it is that our BrightSign units can't seem to pass proxy info, so I am trying
to use httrack to get it internal and update it frequently.  ANy help

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trying to copy an rss feed

03/28/2013 23:18
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