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Subject: Re: Crash on https
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 08/18/2002 15:21
> Starting from> sid=3775&m=1&c=1 ends in the
same result.
> FYI: It's running on a W2k Server.

I tried also with W2k (pro) and it worked (even withtout -
HTTrack mirror complete in 13 seconds : 33 links scanned, 
31 files written (194883 bytes overall) [155991 bytes 
received at 11999 bytes/sec]
(1 errors, 1 warnings, 80 messages)

I really can't reproduce the issue, and I don't see what 
could be the cause - you do have the libeay32.dll and 
ssleay32.dll in the main httrack directory? Ensure that the 
zlib.dll release is also "clean" (should be 53248 bytes) ; 
and if possible, copy it in the main winhttrack directory.

I will ensure that all dll's are in the main folder, by 
default, in the future. I will also improve in the next 
release the link detection (to exclude https links during 
test phases) - but I don't know if this will fix the 
problem you are having.

(Note: here it is normal for the first https link to be 
followed even with the -https://*, because the "primary" 
URL is redirecting to this https link. This trick allow to 
download a single page with its images using the filter '-* 
+*.gif +*.jpg')
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