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Subject: A problem with a site that uses a frameset
Author: judgedredd
Date: 04/09/2013 07:34
I tried looking for similar problems but got no help with the other solutions.

Here is the second + line of the log file:


When one goes to this site the content is on the right and the frame (Column)
is on the left. The source code for the page gives the links at the top as

<FRAME SRC="../../global/banner_no_script.htm" MARGINWIDTH=0 MARGINHEIGHT=0

which is why the link here is excluded. It didn't seem to work though as it
downloaded 50+MB (15,000+ files). I had to stop the download as I didn't want
the whole site! Even so I have not been able to get the site to download and
show the frames at all. Both sides of the frameset have an error message that

Firefox can't find the file at
(For the right hand content frameset)

Firefox can't find the file at
(for the left hand toc [table of contents] frameset)

Yet when I look for the files in the folders that have been downloaded the
relevant files are there. So am not really sure how to change the parameters
to do what I want HTTrack to do.

I have been able to get the site working manually by changing filenames. It
seems that there is some script somewhere that tells the browser to load a
file called plain.html when the (visual) code asks for a file called
tree.html, because by changing the filename from plain.html to tree.html the
left hand frame now works. 

It seems that web authors are creating sites that make it difficult to rip.

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A problem with a site that uses a frameset

04/09/2013 07:34
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