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Subject: How can I download this website.
Author: Anonymous
Date: 04/10/2013 05:15
I selected a random small website to download, to start properly learning to
use this great utility. I have tried various sites in the past, but had so
many problems, that posting a question for help would lead to a hundred other
questions. So I'm taking a new approach. I will post the website link here

I would like to get this website completely. All images should be properly
linked, so when I click on my index, I can correctly access each page without
having to be connected. I tried downloading before, and the webpage downloaded
after a couple of hours, but then I disconnected, and it was an html hell. So
rather than sifting through endless httrack settings, I would like to know
what my settings should be from a clean startup of httrack. Remember there are
thousands of images (it's an art website) and many images are from different
domains. My only other question is this. If someone posts a correct working
setup for this, can I also use it to download message boards? Do forum message
boards that have external images require special setups? So far all my
downloads only work if I'm connected to the internet. I need all the mirrors
to work offline.

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How can I download this website.

04/10/2013 05:15
Re: How can I download this website.

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