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Subject: Download a complete Forum
Author: SeLeNa
Date: 04/18/2013 21:31

I'm Administrator of a free Forum thats about to be closed on Monday.
So I tried to download the complete Forum by your great software.
But unfortunatelly I just can open the Portal-Page. When I want to open a
Thread or something else, I become to send up to the Internet page of my
So please, whats wrong? Where's the mistake?
Here's the Link to my Forum

I just tried to download with my Forum-Password, I also tried to downloas
without password and open Forum (all Threads etc also for guests readable. But
there's allways the same problem.

Thnx a lot for your Help :)

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Download a complete Forum

04/18/2013 21:31
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04/18/2013 22:17


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