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Subject: Expert HTTracker Wanted
Author: Danny
Date: 05/05/2013 03:26
Hello HTTrack Forum,

I came across HTTrack years ago (evidenced by earlier forum posts roughly as
clueless as this one will be).  My desire to archive web data has still not
overcome my fear of the aneurisms that begin when trying to understand the
basics of how to operate this fine piece of programming.  If that's leaves me
SOL, so be it.  However, I thought I would open the floor -- as it appears one
or two other posters have tried to do in the past -- to anyone willing to
archive sites on my behalf or provide detailed and relatively idiot-proof
walkthroughs on how to do it myself.  I am ready and willing to provide
compensation for these much needed services, monetary or otherwise.

If such solicitations are inappropriate for this forum, please redirect me to
a more suitable venue for my request and delete this post.

Many thanks in advance,


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