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Subject: Re: Floating point exception
Author: Tamara
Date: 06/16/2013 20:37
I am happy that you acknowledge that something is wrong. I am not happy that
you seem to think that programs should ever crash. 

You said this had nothing to do with scheduling which seems to give the
suggestion that you actually know where this is coming from. 

Perhaps you could try a constructive answer instead of giving such a trolling

I provided you with information regarding the incorrectness of your program.
If anything, you should thank me. 

I would like to advise you to refrain from saying more complete fabrications,
like "You can not expect correct behavior when using insane values as
input. Attempting to use 3000 connections per seconds in a browser/client is
simply not reasonable.". 

All you had to do was acknowledge that you were wrong, thank me, and fix it.
Your wrong opinion of these matters is not valued. 

I hope that in the future I will never need to send you a message for such
terrible reasons for crashing, and if I have to, that I will see answers that
appear to be coming from someone who appears to be knowing what they are
doing, because your answers do not exactly give me any confidence in your
ability to make functioning software. 

But we will see. 
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