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Subject: download 100,000+ files
Author: tom_swift
Date: 08/10/2013 21:42
I am using a RESTful server to lookup specific values from a database. Each
query is a unique URL. The response is usually an XML or JSON file of 1 - 5
KB. On many occasions I need to look up more than 100,000 values (using more
than 100,000 URLs). However, HTTrack stops after processing ~ 99,000 URLs.

Is there a way to increase or remove the limit?
I see reference on the site by folks that say they have increased the limit,
but I don't see their explanation of how they did it.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

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download 100,000+ files

08/10/2013 21:42
Re: download 100,000+ files

08/11/2013 21:14


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