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Subject: Interrupted Download
Author: HicksZ34
Date: 08/12/2013 22:02
Hi, I couldnt find a previous answer to a question like this, so forgive me if
there is.

I had just downloaded and used HTTrack for the first time two days ago.  I was
at my parents house for the weekend and I usually use their PC for things like
this as its easier to restore if something goes wrong.

So anyways, the website I was copying was rather large and I had to leave for
home before it could finish (was about %50 from finished when I left).  My
father, in his infinite wisdom and after I informed him I had something going
on to please not exit any windows (something he has a terrible habit of
doing), not long after I left he exited the program (the Red X in top-right
corner of window).

Will my download be available to continue from where I left off or do I have
to delete the already downloaded files and start it over?
Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for a response!

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