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Subject: Is it possible to backup Tumblr blogs?
Author: Ani
Date: 08/12/2013 23:10
I was wondering, since blogs use entirely different coding and setups as
websites, if HTTrack could also work to download a backup of a Tumblr blog to
the local hard drive? Unlike Blogspot and, Tumblr does not yet
have its own backup system.

I understand HTTrack downloads sites entirely and follows internal link
structure (random example: would not only copy the main page but
every page within that website such as - again random
example). Would such thing work for blogs too?
Imagine you want to make a copy of (random example)
<> ; would HTTrack copy the older posts that
fell off the homepage (page 1 / 5781 ; a good backup requires to back up all
5781 pages and their blog entries and posts) and would it also copy the static
pages of the blog (eg <> ) ?
Thanks for feedback. Very much appreciated.

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Is it possible to backup Tumblr blogs?

08/12/2013 23:10


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