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Subject: Multiple copies of webpages
Author: Raasay
Date: 08/16/2013 14:33
Part of the website consists of two related webpages (let's call them webpage1
and webpage2). When a link in webpage1 is clicked, the second webpage displays
a Google map using Javascript. So webpage1 contains lines like

<td><a title="Click to display map"

I expected that the webpages would be downloaded as is but 

1) multiple copies of webpage2 were created (with names like webpage2nnnn.htm;
nnnn being hexadecimal). There was one copy for each link in webpage1. The
"mirror" comments always state "mirrored from webpage2.htm". There are no
other changes.

2) within webpage1, all webpage2 references are now unique (being

Despite the huge increase in webpages (from 2 to over 200),
the downloaded website works! I've looked through the help pages but can't
find a similar problem. Can this behaviour be altered by changing options?

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08/16/2013 14:33


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