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Subject: directory bug?
Author: tomson
Date: 08/29/2013 10:49
thanks for reading this.

I wanted to download all the answers on this website:

as you can see, when you click problem 1 you see the answers on the right as a
When i tried to copy this website, it copied all the banners but none of these
answer pictures were copied. It was just blank.

i went back to the real site and copied the url of the answer picture (by
right clicking on it and copying the link) into httrack and it copied the page
without a problem. 

How do i make these pictures appear when im copying the whole website?
I think httrack didn't copy the right link and instead of:



the ajaxPages directory was missing. This is just my guess.

link to full error:

please help, Thank you very much

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directory bug?

08/29/2013 10:49
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