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Subject: Copying an entire website
Author: Sir Yama
Date: 09/01/2013 17:04
I have search the entire forum and did find an answer to my problem. I may have
over looked it.

I have been trying to copy a website which is kind of large and it starts out
great copying, but it copied about 3.4gb of the website after a weeks of short
stops and go. For the past 2 days it seems to have reset itself. What i mean
by this is yesterday it reset it self and said there was an error in coping,
then finished off with errors (didn't finish copying just finished because of
errors). Restarted the copying process and it scanned and stopped at 870mb and
than started copying the files again from the website. First time I checked
the properties of the folder on my computer it said 3.7gb pf data, then
checked again and it said 900mb of data, what happen to the data files?
Today I after about 2gb it finished copying again completed, but when i
checked the website locally it was incomplete. I tried resetting the options
and now it started all over again copying its at 300mb.

Is there something I am doing incorrectly? I just want to copy the entire
website images, links, html, scripts, etc... for a complete offline website

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09/01/2013 17:04
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