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Subject: Re: androïde verson copy
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/07/2013 14:45
> After copy of my website :
> When y clic on a small photo on the catalogue the
> large photo pop up do not apear ?
Use Scan rules. By default httrack won't go "up", starting from the first URL
(ie. if you are inside /fr/shop/cat=34/, it will NOT go up to /)

In this case, I'd probably add something like:*model=*

> After y clic on many pages ,it is impossible to
> comback.

Humm, this one is more complex: the navigation is 100% "outsourced" to the
phone's navigator, and it is possible that navigation on local files is not
perfect (navigating local files is probably not something everybody does). On
old Android releases (<2.3), it was impossible to navigate on files containing
spaces, for example.

You may want to give a try to a "standard" browser such as Firefox on Android
- it may have a better support for file://

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