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Subject: development philosophy?
Author: davidbak
Date: 10/25/2013 21:30
Is there a document somewhere describing the "development philosophy" of
HTTrack?  I'm looking at the source, with an aim to fixing some minor things,
and want to know what kind of changes are acceptable (to be contributed

I see it is written in C, that's fine.  The windows branch doesn't seem to use
WIN32 API much ... maybe mainly in the minizip subdir (which I think is open
source imported here).  Is that by design?
Similarly, I don't see usages of SQLite, though it might be useful.  Is that
by design?
That's the kind of question I'm wondering about: If I make a fix (or add a
feature) what's the proper style?
Thanks! -- David

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10/25/2013 21:30
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