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Subject: PDF after HTTP 302 saved as html
Author: x
Date: 10/25/2013 21:33
The pdf at this address: <> is
saved as .html.
You can try even simply with a project with just that address and the default
options, although I first encountered it as a link in a more complex project.

What I noticed that's special of this url is that the server first returns an
HTTP 302 Moved Temporarily status with a "Content-Type: text/html" and a
redirection to

HTTrack follows the redirection, and the file at the second address is
correctly reported by the server as a "Content-Type: application/pdf" (it is
even so described in the WinHTTrack progress dialog) but HTTrack possibly
considers only the first Content-Type and so saves the file with a .html

Of course the file is really a, valid, pdf.

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PDF after HTTP 302 saved as html

10/25/2013 21:33
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