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Subject: Httrack download what he wants
Author: caleb
Date: 12/05/2013 20:46
Hello all. I've had several problems with interruptions and hangs downloading
some site. I've got to close and kill the process and restart again with
update or continue project, always with the same result but at random points.
No luck with the log, nothing useful comes of it.
Recently i've noticed that the program redownloads files that already are in
my disk, i mean, if i use the update function it should not download an image
that has not changed or at least is not identically to the one that exists in
local project.
Knowing that, i've configured in the filter tabs removing the download image
options (+jpg +png +gif...) and let only the default options for webpage and
added also a custom +mp4 to donwload some missing videos i know i not have (or
at least not entirely downloaded). The problem is that still re-downloads
jpg's that already are on the disk.
Any hint?

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Httrack download what he wants

12/05/2013 20:46


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