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Subject: FanFiction.Net DL whole site?
Author: John Doe
Date: 12/11/2013 02:21

For the next years I will spend 9 months in Simbabwe as an UN employee. My
senior told me that there is no steady internet connection. A few hours the
week at most and that we will have much time where nothing is to do. 

Good thing is I am a fanfiction lover. Bad thing is fanfictions require an
internet connections.

So my idea was downloading the whole homepage with all the
storys. I would choose the mobile version, so I will be able to read on my
tablet in my spare time. 

Is this even possible regarding the data? How many GB does
have? In the mobile version there are no pics, Java scripts. Only text. That
cant be that much? Or am I wrong? 

I have already started grabbing the site. For now there are 3 GB, but I have
no idea how much progress that is? Any ideas about that?

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FanFiction.Net DL whole site?

12/11/2013 02:21


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