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Subject: Version 3.20-2 crashing
Author: Sid Verber
Date: 09/18/2002 15:25
I'm using V3.20-2 under Windows NT SP6, and it crashes at 
regular intervals with the message application error - 
Winhttrack exception 
access violation (0xc0000005), then the address 0x77f64860. 
The HTT log shows that the last file it was trying to 
capture was an *.swf file - don't know if this is 
significant, as lots of Flash files are captured. 

The problem occurred in the previous version of the prog as 
well. It doesn't normally start crashing until it's 
captures 35ish Mb of the site, but this may be a red 
herring. Once it ahs crashed the first time, a resume 
crashes after the next 1-3 Mb have been added to the 
existing capture.

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Version 3.20-2 crashing

09/18/2002 15:25
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