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Subject: Re: download only pdf
Author: Tiago Paolini
Date: 12/25/2013 06:03
I suggest you to disable the robots.txt rules (Options > Spider) and changing
the User Agent (Options > Browser ID > Browser "Identity") to the one of your
regular browser (visit <> to see what is the
user agent of your browser, then copy and paste it to the HTTrack options).

Also I am seeing that the access of the content of this site is closed. These
journal sites usually can be accessed from ig you are in the network of a
University that subscribe it, but if you are accessing from you home you need
to use some kind of proxy or VPN.

I am also noticing that the PDF addressees end with the extension .pdf+html (I
do not know whether this is different if you try to access from somewhere that
has the permission to download the papers).

If you are unable to download using HTTrack, I suggest trying to use Wget
(which is a command line tool), which also works great for systematically
downloading files.
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